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McComb Partnership Ltd - Helping Our Customers For 70 Years

We have successfully been delivering professional services to our Clients since 1948.  In the last 7 years we have project and cost managed £585m+ worth of projects ranging from £50,000 to £39m.

We are a Team of enthusiastic professionals with many years of experience, who operate primarily in the construction industry providing professional advice to people who invest in property, their business, their community, their services and their infrastructure.

Whether you are planning a single storey extension to your house or expanding your £100m pharmaceutical plant we can save you money, ensure that your project is delivered on time and minimise the risk to you, to yours and your business.

We don’t just have good people – we use state of the art project management and estimating software to keep ourselves at the cutting edge.  We don’t mean Microsoft Office either! We use BIM (Building Information Management) compliant estimating, pricing and management software which means we are quick, efficient and can manage the out turn cost of your project to suit your budget from feasibility stage.

How do we do that?  Simple – for 7 years we have been modelling actual costs from live projects and putting it in our database of costs which is the envy of companies ten times our size.

Not only that we can also ensure that once your project has been delivered it remains cost effective to run, great to be in and a central part of your home or business and certainly your ongoing success.

In addition we are able to provide services for clients further afield through our satellite global operational company, MPL Global.

MPL Global industry experience spreads to the Middle East, Africa, South America and mainland Europe. From small single projects to strategic portfolio level programmes across continents are all within our scope of ability. We have several notable successes in situations where there has been work required with little or no support in remote locations, under extreme time pressures or where there is little capacity in the local market.

Our expert cost and project management in the construction industry enables us to provide projects successfully and efficiently.

If you don’t know where to start but sort of know what you want we can help you too!  Putting the pieces of the jigsaw together to deliver the full picture is our speciality.


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