Dispute Resolution

MPL offer a comprehensive dispute resolution advice service for both Mediation and Adjudication.

Mediation enables parties to settle their disputes without having to go to court. Instead, parties volunteer to come together with the help of a mediator and resolve their conflict in a non-adversarial environment. It’s fast and saves the stress and expense of legal proceedings.

McComb Partnership Dispute ResolutionDisputes of any value or kind can be settled through mediation and our mediators have a range of experience to call upon and are registered Mediators with the Chartered Institute of Arbitration.

Similarly we have a wealth of knowledge of Adjudication and the process of defending an adjudication and submitting referrals and bundles to commence the adjudication process. We have a long standing working relationship with a top City construction, engineering and infrastructure law firm who are able to assist with most contentious and non-contentious construction matters.

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