Getting your Project Started

Getting Your Project Started

If you have a project in mind and you don’t know quite where to begin or how to bring your ideas to fruition then it is probably a good idea to draft a quick project initiation document (feel free to use our check list).

When you have completed that exercise then it is time to take those ideas to someone, either your manager, procurement department, estates and facilities department or us (provided you have authorisation to do so) to get things started.

We are skilled in taking those part formed ideas and help you to realise their potential. It is unlikely that in the fields of medicine, pharma, process plants, domestic housing, education, infrastructure etc that we would not be able to assist or have done similar schemes before.

Our job would be to help you test the project parameters and:

  • Ensure that we are clear about project timescales for initiation and delivery,
  • Establish realistic budgets for not only the construction but the whole life cost,
  • Identify the core deliverables (things crucial to you as an individual and a business) to make sure we focus and make those a success,
  • Help form a procurement strategy – getting the right project for the right price, following EU procurement rules and being able to demonstrate value for money,
  • Setting out a comprehensive execution plan giving you the what, when, where and how much,
  • Obviously we can’t detail all the steps here but hopefully you will get an insight into the processes of project definition.

When you are ready to have a chat then just press the link below and we’ll see how we can help!

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