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McComb Partnership have been assisting the NHS since it beginnings in 1948 (same date of birth as MPL) and since that time we have been project and cost managing schemes hundreds of schemes for dozens of Trusts, PCT’s and solution providers in acute hospitals, doctors, dentists and mental health.

The extent of our experience in the healthcare sector can be seen on our Projects Page delivering projects from Strategic Outline Case (one of our specialties) to Soft Landings Completion.

In the past twelve months we have been involved in providing expert cost and project delivery advice for over £60m of health / NHS schemes including:-

  • Whole hospital development estimates in excess of £50m for strategic development reporting helping the Trust to choose the right solution for them.
  • Major extension to hospital £30m, providing full bills of quantities and cost benchmarking to help client understanding and contractor pricing structures.
  • Hospital Ward Refurbishments and decant strategies for development, 8 schemes varying from Adult In Patients to Neo Natal, delivering these key schemes on time within minimal service impact and within budget to maximise funds.
  • Specialist Equipment delivery, 3 MRI scanners, 1 CT scanner, Fluoroscopy Suite, Brachytherapy Suite.
  • Pre Operative Care Unit.

Numerous smaller refurbishment projects for our clients which make everyday life a little bit more bearable and are just as important as the £30m extension schemes.

Specialist Assistance

Solutions for the Future…

Business Cases are our speciality

Where a client doesn’t have a standard business case model we specialise in development of Office of Government and Commerce 5 Case Model (as recommended by DoH).

As Peter Coates Deputy Director of Finance – Investment Department of Health said:

“Business case preparation is a complex and often costly task, where organisations find themselves reinventing the wheel despite the range of official guidance that is widely available.”

Our simplified business case roadmap and standard forms which meets Government recommended guidelines to produce auditable, useful and communicative business cases simply, quickly and cheaply.

Cost Benchmarking and Cost Database

Each of our NHS clients have access to our NHS database of costs which has over 100 schemes worth in excess of £47m.

Developed over 5 years the database provides up to date cost information for excellent cost certainty, comprehensive business case estimates (no more £/m2 “guestimates”), realistic pre tender estimates to control budgets far more effectively.

The real strength of the database is that it reflects real world medical / hospital environment costs. We benchmark our costs over 5 Trusts in the South East, so we can identify regional variations and feedback a Value for Money assessment.

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