How much will my project cost me after it is built? Can I afford it?

How much will my project cost me after it is built?

MPL recognises that post construction budgets are limited and that design decisions at an early hillstage can greatly influence Whole Life Cost. MPL model whole life cost which enable design options to be considered to deliver least whole life cost. Using RIPAC, MPL interrogate a range of databases, work with the client’s asset/maintenance/estates departments and produce a forward maintenance plan and budget reducing revenue costs significantly. Option appraisals such as sedum roof make up, cladding choice, mechanical and electrical philosophy (sharing existing spine services from existing building) can be assessed to deliver least whole life cost.

MPL have also commenced whole life costing of projects to reduce energy consumption to complete a true whole life cost analysis, providing a client with opportunity to reduce future legacy costs over the project life. Options can be carefully and objectively considered, meeting energy and environmental considerations.

It is a key concern to MPL how few clients value the issue of whole life costing, particularly in respect of identifying whole life cost options and demonstrating value for money.

Our comparisons always include:-

  • Bought in costs.
  • Subcontract maintenance.
  • Internal maintenance costs.
  • Operational staff costs.
  • Consumables.
  • Method related charges.
  • Training and development.
  • Power costs.

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