Project Out of Control What Can I Do?

My project is out of control I need help!

MPL are experienced in bringing projects back under control when things go awry. When circumstance have conspired together to take your project off course and you need assistance to haul the rudder round and get back on course MPL can use its extensive experience of cost and project management, contractual knowledge (there aren’t many contract forms we don’t have experience of) and more importantly the technical knowledge and experience to lock down your project and bring it back on line element by element quickly and efficiently.

Depending upon your project’s unique challenges we would do the following:

  • Undertake a full Contract Liability review to settle commercial and contractual risks. This would enable us to manage commercial risks and decide upon a robust contractual strategy.
  • Identify problems and sticking points within the project, clear project holds and obstructions and establish where the project actually is in regard to programme and more importantly Earned Value.
  • Stabilise project volatility through robust change control and clear delegated powers to maintain realistic budget out-turns.
  • Review business case or project initiation / definition documents to re-establish project goals and if necessary re-establish stakeholder confidence.
  • Complete a full project financial audit including a statement of current liabilities and forecast full commitment to establish the current financial out turn cost.
  • Benchmark the project programme and re-forecast where necessary to establish completion dates and set realistic expectation in regard to acceleration / cost reduction opportunities.
  • Establish project reporting process controls and where necessary apply the MPL standard project lifecycle processes providing Stage Gate Control as necessary.

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