I don’t even have a concept design

My project needs to start and I don’t have a concept design!

First steps are always difficult in sketching out initial concept designs. Luckily MPL’s extensive experience means that often all we need to do to commence cost planning at feasibility stage is to have an idea of the functionality of your scheme and what you seek to achieve and – preferably, a general arrangements and we can commence cost planning and producing Project Execution Plans and Project Lifecycles and initial feasibility estimates.

Our database of costs and extensive scheme records means that we usually have a close fit scheme which will initially serve as a project model until the remaining team have been appointed. So whether the project is a school extension, private development, ward refurbishment or laboratory upgrade we will usually be able to assist if time is of the essence.

We will be able to steer you through the initial feasibility stages, helping you explore the functions that you need from the development, that you maintain user group involvement, clear performance targets are defined, budgets and programmes set realistically to deliver the project successfully within those parameters.

As and when required we have an extensive network of consultant architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, process engineers and structural engineers always willing to assist to draw up initial concept designs which can be easily priced and developed as we progress. Each member of the team is a tried and tested expert within their field so you can develop your project with confidence, cost effectively and quickly.

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