Am I getting Value for Money?

Am I getting value for money?

If you have any doubts about how cost effective your project out turn cost is then have no fear we can help to reassure you or point you in the right direction. We have been amassing cost data for over 5 years (over £300,000,000 of costs) and have been actively benchmarking construction costs, especially in high end domestic, pharmaceutical and process, education and healthcare. 5 years ago we decided to use a method called Detailed Cost Planning, which meant that all of our projects would have a detailed quantities take off completed – even at feasibility stage.

This enables us to carefully cross reference our cost data base against actual real life close match projects (we call them Analogue Schemes) and apply them to accurately produce cost estimates for you. All of our data has been carefully extracted from current tender returns and placed within our RIPAC database.

Cost plans and accounts are monitored and benchmarked at each Stage Gate to determine if the construction is meeting its financial targets. If not, appropriate action is taken to bring costs back to benchmark. MPL also use their supply chain in order to ensure costs remain within market rates.

All of our customers have access to our database of costs which provides:-

  • The ability to benchmark cost performance of projects for audit purposes (at every stage of their project).
  • Accurate out turn cost estimates – even at feasibility stage.
  • Quantum assessments for variation assessment or resolution of disputes.
  • An invaluable value management tool.
  • The ability to provide value for money solutions procured quickly and cost effectively.

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