Process Plants

What We Do

McComb Partnership have been working in the process industry for over 15 years providing project management, cost management for schemes as diverse as Primary and Secondary Sewage Treatment Works, Thermal Oxidising Units, De-Ionising Water Treatment Plants and Biological Pharmaceutical Plants (confidential). In the past year we have delivered cost management, strategic contract advice for projects in excess of £150m.

  • £39m design and  build pharmaceutical expansion project in the South of England
  • £70m design and build pharmaceutical expansion project in Scotland.
  • £70m additional facility and major expansion of an existing site in the South of England

We also specialise in the delivery and procurement of specialist process and health treatment equipment such sample architects in pathology laboratories in Doncaster and Epsom.

We have just commenced a long term relationship with Lancer UK to assist with delivery solutions for providing the infrastructure for complex process equipment such as Reverse Osmosis Plants and Automatic Endoscope Re-processors.  Our partnership provides a single point total delivery solution for both hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Specialist Assistance

In the past year we have assisted a blue chip company with the development of a contract strategy to be applied over a whole portfolio of projects, to enable the customer to ensure process performance, commercial strength and surety.  We helped develop a suite of contracts under the IChemE suite of contracts to encourage performance, engender the right behaviors within the team and to ensure commercial protection for the client.

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