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What We Do

McComb Partnership are experts in procuring projects to suit a clients exact and precise needs.

With over 20 years experience of writing high value (up to £150M) and complex contracts (process, chemical, wastewater, refurbishment) we provide our clients contracts of the highest quality. Each contract is bespoke and written for the project (not cut and paste abominations we so often see). Our expertise extends to: –

  • IChemE Green, Red, Yellow, Burgundy, Books.
  • NEC Option A – E.
  • NEC Term Service Contract
  • NEC Consultant Services Contract
  • All JCT Forms.
  • FIDIC Red Silver Gold.

Our contracts are written to ensure that the client obtains precisely what was asked for without large claims, unforeseen risks, high administration simply because we take the time to know the project – no matter how complex, understand the risks and ensure best value from project commencement to whole life cost evaluation.

We are particularly skilled in getting projects moving quickly, providing the client with viable value for money procurement strategies that get the job done, but not at any cost – the right cost.

MPL care about our customers, we realise that on occasions there are legal and commercial conundrums we cannot unravel by ourselves. That is why we have developed a strong relationship with Beale Law who are able to support our work, when called upon, to advise us at the highest level, to ensure that the client gets the best possible service.

Not only are we active in the domestic market we also work extensively abroad in Africa, Eastern Europe and South America providing international contracts for IChemE and FIDIC solutions.

Specialist Assistance

In the past year we have assisted a blue chip company with the development of a total contract strategy to be applied over a whole portfolio of projects in excess of £200m, to enable the customer to ensure process performance, commercial strength and surety. We have provided another client with a complete commercial review of existing contract strategies and we have designed contracts and procurement lifecycles to reduce claims, dramatically reduce cost overrun and deliver projects on time.

We recently completed a contract for a healthcare cancer centre in East Africa, providing an American client with a robust form of contract under a FIDIC Red Book, tailored to US Government Funding regulations providing him with a fully compliant robust and well structured contract for tender.

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