I Can’t Afford What I Want?

I can’t afford the project that I need!

We sympathise with the predicament. After many years of tough trading the main aim is to get the investment flowing back into your business (or home). If money is tight then you want to make sure that you get as much value for the money as you can.

They key thing is to let someone from the outside help you see your real needs on the inside. We take time to understand those needs and to help map your priorities.

We have an enormous amount of experience in being able to form strategies around your ideas making what was once aspirational a reality. It is unlikely that in the fields of medicine, pharma, process plants, domestic housing, education, infrastructure etc that we would not be able to look at your problem and provide you with a coherent affordable commercial strategy.

Our priority would be to take your budget and:

  • Focus on your priorities,
  • Help you establish the cost options available using our “real world” data base of costs,
  • Use our extensive network of technical, engineering and specialist professional providers to advise on your specific needs,
  • Look at the value and the benefits of your investment so you can prioritise you money,
  • Value manage your project and see how we can reduce the cost not the value,
  • Provide you with a realistic investment strategy that will enable you to obtain as much income as possible from the initial investment and then plan your next steps to an affordable long term strategy.

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